photo of columnist Geraldine Ang

Mark my love

Your Secret Admirer

So, our love marks don’t always have to be scars, ugly reminders of love we couldn’t keep. They can also remind us of how that love has become a part of our journey of growth.
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Writing is living

Create to Connect

But now, I know that what is more important than being a good writer is to just be real. This is my mind and life: choppy, raw, inundated with detours and frolics, laughter and tears.
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Megha Ganapathy Illustrated Mug

Evening pages

Studying the looking glass

Quiet nights, wherever they might be, are best saved for my journaling, to reflect on and sum up the day, while mornings are best for more public forms of writing.
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Illustration of people dancing

Quiz: Which extracurricular should you try?

From Zoom fatigue to time zone differences, the past year of remote learning has made it difficult for many of us to participate in extracurricular activities. The return to an in-person semester in fall 2021 may be just the motivation some of us need to get more involved outside of the classroom. However, there are so many extracurricular opportunities that it can be difficult to choose one. If you are overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, take our quiz to find out which activity you should try next. Who knows, you may discover a lifelong passion.
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