Elliot Rodger and the cult of image

Two Steps Forward

The best way to prevent atrocities such as the Santa Barbara massacre is to cure the disease at its source. Rodger was sick, exposed to the compounding societal poisons of celebrity worship, media saturation, misogyny and materialism. He was a wealthy, straight, white male who felt so slighted by the world that he scarred it as deeply as he could. He was a monster, but our world created him. His terrible, sad psychosis might never have arisen in a world free of the constant scrutiny of iPhones; seven people might be alive if Rodger had not been taught almost from birth that beauty, wealth and possessions are the markers of a good person.
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#YesAllWomen, fear, and sexual assault

The #YesAllWomen feed is a refuge where we can express our fear of misogyny. We all carry tragic stories that weigh us down, because our culture tells us again and again to stay silent, to carry pepper spray and dress “modestly,” and to forget our pasts and move on. When you critique the #YesAllWomen hashtag, our refuge from suffocating silence, we hear another voice threatening to silence us and deny us our fear and our grief.
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