‘A beautiful soul’: Pioneer rock climber Dave Altman dies at 68

Photo of Dave Altman
David P. Anderson/Courtesy
According to a memorial post on the Touchstone Climbing website, Dave Altman, along with climbing partner Ray Jardine, became known for being the first to complete several difficult climbs at Yosemite National Park in the 1970s.

Dave Altman, pioneer rock climber and Berkeley Ironworks climbing trainer, died Tuesday at the age of 68 after his van caught fire.
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Missed deadline

When I started working at The Daily Californian, I was sure that I wanted to be a journalist. I applied to the news department as my second choice, if only because I was afraid I wouldn’t get hired. As a copy editor my first two semesters, I looked longingly at
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Coming to America to study abroad

My friends and I went to Yosemite National Park over the weekend. We chose one of the most strenuous trails: the Upper Yosemite Falls trail. When we passed the Columbia Rock landmark, it suddenly rained. We debated whether to continue, especially because it was kind of late — about 5 p.m. Eventually, we decided to continue, because we had already spent three hours hiking and it would be a pity if we gave up now.
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Finding passion in California parks

Grass Roots

Seeing Yosemite for the first time was as close to a religious experience as I’ll most likely ever have. I’ve always loved spending time in the outdoors, hiking, kayaking and the like, but this spring break, I realized how deeply I am physically and emotionally tied to the outside world.
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