Talking back

Off the Beat

I didn’t see choosing to study French as an affront to my heritage or as leaving my culture behind. But my mother disagreed.
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Latent functions of quarantine midterm studying

Quarantining is a necessary step to making sure everyone stays safe and healthy, but it also changes the way midterms affect our lives. As stressful as midterms are, at least they keep away the stir-craziness, and sometimes, that’s more than enough to make them appreciated.
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ASUC elections go online, force candidates to adapt

ASUC elections have moved completely online, forcing candidates to alter their campaigning strategies and the ASUC Elections Council to find new ways to get the word out about voting. The decision was made in response to campus’s move to remote classes and the shelter-in-place order over the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Pop Vulture

I just want to be spoon-fed — but just a little. To that end, I watch TikTok compilations on Youtube. A lot of them are pleasingly titled “tiktoks endorsed by the CEO of comedy” or something along the lines of “tiktoks to help us forget death is certain for everyone on this Earth,” and what can I say? Whoever writes those titles should write copy. 
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