How to be an #influencer at UC Berkeley

How do you rack up the influence you need to become an #influencer, especially at a school like UC Berkeley where it takes true willpower to be influenced (except when it comes to succumbing to buying AirPods)? Luckily, we at the Clog have your answer.
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Troye Sivan brings LGBTQ+ representation to The Masonic

Last Thursday, on the stage of The Masonic, Sivan seemed at home in the rainbow limelight. Running a hand through his shock of pale hair and shrugging off a loose, gray suit jacket to reveal skintight fitness wear, Sivan paused his set to say, “This is the gay one,” before performing “HEAVEN.”
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Saying the words

Miss Communication

I know from a small handful of experiences that when you meet someone famous in person, they’re usually shorter than you expect. Raymond Braun is only sort of famous and only sort of tall, but he stood a couple of inches above me, so his height surprised me. I interviewed
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