Lack of student diversity, racial equity policies at UC Berkeley concerns community

Photo of EAOP office sign
Kyle Garcia Takata/Staff
Opinions on affirmative action differ within the student body, with concerns about a lack of underrepresented minority students on campus running high.

Despite the surge in applications from California freshmen in underrepresented racial and ethnic groups, many say that diversity on campus is inadequate and that resources for those students are not enough.
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‘Tipping point’: Study finds UC system cannot grow without more state funding

The study catalogued the history of UC revenue sources and expenditures over its 150 year history across 10 campuses, noting its reliance on state funding from 1900 through the 1990s. Beginning in the early 1990s, however, per student state revenue started to decrease “dramatically,” while total enrollment grew with the California population from 166,500 to 273,000 students enrolled today.
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