Pieces of the pie: A look into Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

We live in a time where we can have anything and everything. Our pumpkin-spice-latte- smart-phone-filled desires are at our fingertips. But with consumerism comes consequences; as we make our purchases based on convenience, we turn a blind eye to the the exploitation occurring behind the closed doors of capitalism. Employees
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5 tips for dining out with parents

Eating with your parents will be a special experience, as you are up and coming into the world of work, freedom and independence. And while you can make it all the more memorable by bringing them to your favorite restaurant, that’s only the beginning. Here are some tips for having
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The Upper Crust

A taste of Berkeley's favorite pizza cooperatives

The Cheese Board Collective and Zachary’s Chicago Pizza: at first mention, the two seem like vastly different pizzerias, except for the fact that at peak hours their lines stretch around their respective corners. While Cheese Board offers a single daily flavor on a sourdough crust with toppings ranging from corn
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