‘Slightly disturbing’: Fabricated resume highlights flaws of automatic resume parsing

Photo of Google Docs Resume Template page
Erica Cardozo/Staff
After creating a fake resume with nonsensical but prestigious credentials and receiving a 90% response rate from companies, software engineer Angelina Lee has pointed out the prestige-oriented nature of the technology industry.

Even after working with tech professionals and recruiters to improve her resume, software engineer Angelina Lee received no calls back to interview. To investigate what she was missing, Lee created a false resume and applied to several companies to see if recruiters really even read them.
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Cal students holding a banner that reads "More affordable student housing" in front of Berkeley City Hall

Berkeley must remember that more housing is not the same as affordable housing

CITY AFFAIRS: Berkeley’s housing crisis has reached intolerable levels. Community members must actively advocate for affordability

Berkeley City Council approved the creation of a housing complex in Downtown Berkeley entirely at market-rate. Community members have blindly rallied around increased housing, without pushing for the affordability of those developments. What’s the point of building more housing if the people who need it the most can’t afford it?
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Resources to kick-start apartment hunting

The season that’s more stressful than cramming for your midterm in less than 24 hours has come back around. Apartment hunting is a pain, but unless you want to be homeless for the following semester, it’s an inevitable must. We at the Clog have decided to put together a list
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Housing for dummies, part 1

For some of you, freshman year is coming to an end. Despite free wifi, a full staff of computer consultants, spotless bathrooms, tidy halls and cafeteria-style buffets  — despite all of that — you desperately want to escape dorm living. Perhaps it’s the card-swiping guardians whose nightly watch unsettles you.
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