4 days in Utah

Snow falls over a natural landscape in Utah.
Emily Denny /Staff

Waking up early, 18-degree weather, frozen roads, overfilled coffee mugs and a full tank of gas: the beginning of a four-day road trip through Utah. On the agenda were three famous national parks: Arches, Bryce Canyon and Zion.
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An Earth Day spotlight on Zion National Park

The lessons I learned from my trip to Zion National Park began before I got even got there. As our car cruised along the I-15, past the borders of California, Nevada, Arizona and finally Utah, the prominence of ancient and hollow earth grew rapidly. The road toyed with us, leading
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In the gap

Look Back At It

We didn’t have a campsite reservation when we left Berkeley for Zion National Park during spring break. Sardined in my friend’s Volvo and capering against the relative restraint of our seatbelts, my friends and I whizzed past rows of withering agriculture, past pop-up avocado bodegas and tumbleweeds, as we teetered
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A spontaneous week in Zion National Park

I was invited to spend last week in Zion National Park in Utah with friends from high school whom I hadn’t seen in two years. The invite came via SnapChat and was at first taken to be a joke. I assumed the dates were in August, considering they came so close to
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