Unhinged sex goon

It was cool at the time

Somehow, for every five BuzzFeed quiz results that are comically off, there will be one result that fits you a little too well.
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Quiz: Which finals time slot do you embody?

Finals week is always hellish for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have two finals and two papers or five finals and two lab practicals, next week will be one of the most anxiety-inducing, stressful weeks of our short 17- to 23- year lives. Everyone at UC Berkeley knows what
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Quiz: How should you celebrate after your last midterm?

With the end of midterms season approaching and finals looming in the near future (5 weeks), you’ve probably either taken your last midterm or are just about to finish them up. We at the Clog have some radical suggestions for celebrating your escape from hell.   Contact Sasha Ashall at
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