Procrastination pastimes

Procrastination affects even the best and brightest of us here at UC Berkeley. So, why not have some fun while doing it? Thus, we at the Clog have supplied a list of our favorite procrastination pastimes. Enjoy. Take Buzzfeed quizzes There’s no greater waste of time nor any better way
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What to do now that your horoscope has changed

According to extensive research, your horoscope sign may not be what you have been led to believe your whole life. Before you go into a panic, frantically wondering what your personality is going to be like now and how mysterious tomorrow is now that you can’t predict the future, not everyone was affected
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Stars and sensible advice

Champagne Problems

Sometimes, when I’m feeling rich and getting sick of cutting my own hair, I go to the hairdresser. In order to avoid the awkwardness that naturally results from the experience of a total stranger touching your head while you stare back at them from the mirror, I flick through the
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